Peter Porekuu
Learning Manager
  • Learning Manager

I joined Sabre Education as Learning Manager in May 2018, bringing experience from the private sector, not for profits, public sector and social enterprises.

I specialize in results based monitoring and evaluation. I am an active practitioner of outcome mapping and harvesting, and promote a systems strategy for knowledge management, reflection and learning. I have core competencies in research, logical framework application, impact for sustainability analysis using key lines of enquiry, contribution analysis and change stories. I have evolved from practice in development planning and management a mindset of modeling best practices for stakeholders to engage in policy advocacy and facilitating public-private-civic relations in development.

3 words to describe Sabre?

Model of practice

Most memorable Sabre moment?

Sharing the Sabre Education vision with Dominic, Jon and Nadine. Though this happened at different times, and at different locations, one thing was clear, “make a difference by achieving more in a sustainable manner”