Last week, we were lucky enough to receive a visit from three educational specialists from Opportunity International EduFinance in the Central Region. Opportunity EduFinance, under the Opportunity International umbrella, helps low-fee private schools to improve facilities and the quality of education they can offer and, by making them more accessible and affordable to more parents, Opportunity EduFinance is helping to improve choice and quality in Ghana’s education system. They visited us to learn more about the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training approach and see it working in the classrooms, as well as the innovative kindergarten schools Sabre has built, in consideration of a future partnership between our two organisations.

After a presentation and discussion outlining the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training programme, we took our visitors to three of our model practice classrooms; Kokwaado M/A, Dominase M/A and OLA Centre of Excellence. They were so excited by what they saw in the classrooms that they were taking pictures before they’d even entered! Kokwaado Kindergarten excellently displayed the activity-based learning with facilitated play in action; Dominase M/A showcased some story sharing and we looked at the sustainable building design at OLA Centre of Excellence.

In her feedback from the visits to a handful of our Central Region schools, Abby Takyi-Kwakwa shared “The Sabre Trust Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training is an answer to a strong need to change the mindset of Early Years teachers in Ghana. It gives them the same Kindergarten Curriculum and provides teachers with alternatives to teach the content – fun and exciting alternatives…The Fast Track Transformational Teacher Training REALLY works – everything about the atmosphere we walked into at the model schools showed proof of this. Our schools will definitely benefit from a partnership with Sabre Charitable Trust!  Thank you for all your hard work and thank you for sharing it with us.”

Thanks for visiting us, we enjoyed showing you around and it was fantastic to see your immediate enthusiasm for the project we run, and we look forward to our future conversations!