This month saw a successful five day intensive training workshop for the teachers who will work in the four new schools we have built in Western Region. The teachers are receiving a one year in-service training programme to give them the skills and confidence to use a child-centred activity based teaching method.

The workshop was attended by the Director of Education from Jomoro, Assistant Director of Supervision from Ellembelle, Ghana Education  Service officers from the four districts (Jomoro, Ellembelle, Nzema East and Ahanta West) and all teachers from the four schools.

This workshop introduced them to the theme Learning Through Play, which guides teachers to set rules with children in the classroom and also alert them on how to manage behaviour. The workshop also focused on self-registration and how teachers can meet the needs of kindergarten children.

Participants were amazed by the approach and really think it’s going to help the children in their schools.

Peter Blay-Ackah Quayson Director of Education, Jomoro District said  “ I have not seen anything like this before but one thing I will do is to organize the same workshop for all the teachers in my district to also enjoy the impact of this programme. Thank  you Sabre Trust “

Bernard Yankey, Assistant Director of Supervision, Ellembelle District said “I have really learnt a lot from this workshop and realize that in the classrooms every learning section is activity based, through the use of available local materials, and this is making the programme standout”