We are excited to introduce to you three new members of Sabre’s Senior Leadership Team. Together, Michael, Kwasi, and Hannah bring years of valuable experience in the charity sector to Sabre’s Senior Leadership Team, and we are thrilled to have them on board as we enter an exciting phase of growth across Ghana and beyond.

Michael Klutse – Senior Learning Manager

Mike Klutse v2Michael is a monitoring, evaluation and learning specialist and has rich experience of working on both education and agriculture projects within Ghana and West and Central Africa.

Michael, what made you want to work at Sabre?

I first heard about Sabre in 2015, when I visited the Holy Child College of Education demonstration school with an assessment team from DFID (now FCDO) when I worked with T-TEL. When I stepped into the classroom, I could feel the sharp contrast between the regular KG school right opposite it. I felt in-love with the set up and it reminded me of the Montessori school my children attend in Accra. I could imagine the impact this would have on the children. When I spoke with the class teacher she mentioned Sabre and gave me areas where this was also happening even in remote areas. I could not hide my joy when I got back to Accra during debrief session. I really wanted to be part of such a living idea, making long-lasting impact in the lives of the Ghanaian child. When I decided to move back into project implementation in Education from grant funding, I started reading about Sabre and other educational projects/organizations. It struck me that Sabre was not a project that dies off but a living organism that was here to stay and not vanish as others had done. Alas, I saw an advert calling for application for the role of a Learning Manager. It was a dream come true and I was not going to let that pass me by. I am really glad I am here on the team. Within the last 3 months since I joined, I have learnt a lot from everyone on the team.

Fun fact about Michael:

I love to crack jokes to lighten things up when the atmosphere appear tensed. At the University, I was nicknamed “Unknown” simply because my mates could not get any famous musician to name me with. I do recall, I once entered a lecture late whilst lectures was ongoing. Just as I entered, my colleagues started shouting, “Unknown”, “Unknown”. The lecturer just turned and saw this tiny boy and asked, “ Ah!, so you are the Unknown eh?”. The whole class burst into laughter. Since then anywhere this lecturer saw me, he called me “Unknown”. Till now, all my mates from school call me “Unknown”; some do not even remember my surname.

Kwasi Kufuor – Director of Finance & Administration

Kwasi Kufuor v2Kwasi is a qualified accountant with significant experience at senior management level in the charity sector. He brings to Sabre experience in project accounting, charity financial reporting, donor reporting, and success in designing and implementing accounting system improvements and controls.

Kwasi, what made you want to work at Sabre?

“I like Sabre’s vision of helping children succeed through early years intervention, working from grassroots, empowering communities and bringing about positive change. I also like international context of my role and I am looking to bring on board skills and experiences from my previous roles in the international development sector.”

Fun fact about Kwasi:

I like to read. Biographies are my favourite because they show challenges people have faced in life and how they overcame them. I think they provide very valuable life lessons.

Hannah Young- Director of Fundraising & Communication

Hannah Young v2Hannah joins Sabre with extensive experience across the charity sector in grants and partnership building both in the UK and internationally and most recently spent five years as Head of Fundraising at Unseen. With a strong track record of growing and diversifying income, excellent relationship management and strategic skills, Hannah is thrilled to join Sabre to facilitate the growth of its work.

Hannah, what made you want to work at Sabre?

‘I knew Sabre was where I wanted to be after seeing how its ‘punching above its weight’ delivering incredible impact in Ghana. Sabre is an organization that has heart. From creating playful schools, to strategically ensuring teachers have quality teacher training, the dedication of the team to ensure every child has access to quality kindergarten education is truly inspiring’

Fun fact about Hannah:

I recently moved out of Bristol to Cheddar, and am enjoying the never ending supply of cheese on my doorstep. I spend my spare time haphazardly DIY-ing as I renovate my old Victorian house, having built a small social media following of people who try to help me along the way.