On the 4th January we welcomed 17 fellows (comprising teachers from the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand) to Cape Coast for three weeks as part of the Limited Resource Teacher Training programme (LRTT).

After a successful pilot project delivered in 2016 the programme has developed and this current group of fellows will be spending time in the primary school classrooms doing team teaching and coaching.

During the pilot project, fellows delivered a number of training conferences to primary school teachers, head teachers and Ghana Education Service Officers. The primary schools that received this training are those attached to the kindergarten schools where our Transformational Teacher Training programme has been running. The aim of this LRTT project is to ensure that the quality education the kindergarten children receive is not diluted when they start primary school. Primary years 1 to 3 teachers in these schools have received training in the child centred pedagogy in order to continue the quality education the children are receiving.

Our Deputy Training Manager, Foster, held two cultural and area orientation sessions with the group of fellows to help them settle in and know what to expect during their time in Ghana.
Now that the primary teachers have received training conferences from LRTT fellows in both 2016 and 2017, the work of this group of fellows will be based in the teachers’ classrooms. The fellows will be delivering team teaching in the classrooms, providing them with the opportunity to teach alongside local teachers in order to understand and relate to the local context and the children, classrooms and challenges that the teachers work with daily.

The team teaching will also provide the fellows with the opportunity to provide coaching and support to the teachers on specific aspects of the contents the previous fellows delivered in their training conferences and share ideas to embed effective techniques and strategies into their lessons.