Our Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training programme has been shown to significantly improve student teachers’ implementation and knowledge of the national kindergarten curriculum in a recent evaluation carried out by Innovations for Poverty Action.

The research also supported our own internal evaluations which show that, faced with systemic and structural challenges of teaching in schools where there was little awareness of the new active and play-based pedagogy they were bringing, and a lack of local government and head teacher support, the Newly Qualified Teachers struggled to effectively implement the teaching and learning strategies they gained during their placement year.

To respond to these challenges we have adapted our programme to include a dedicated year of support for Newly Qualified Teachers. This year will include:

  • Refresher training to support Newly Qualified Teachers in their classrooms.
  • A classroom Resource Pack, including teacher made learning materials toolkit, building blocks, story books and dolls.
  • Training for head teachers, so they understand the new pedagogy and can better support the Newly Qualified Teachers and enlist wider community support.
  • Sensitising Ghana Education Service District Officers to the pedagogy to bolster management level support.

If you would like to read the full preliminary finding click HERE to download