This weekend was the 10th Annual Congregation for Holy Child College of Education, the graduation ceremony for student teachers who have completed their Diploma in Early Childhood Education and have also completed their year of training as part of our Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training programme. A number of dignitaries were present at the occasion, including the provost of the colleges of education studies, University of Cape Coast, Professor Eric Magnus Wilmot, Directors of Education and College Principals. In her speech Holy Child College of Education Principal, Margaret Lemaire shared a lot of good news about Sabre. Below is an extract from her speech.

Mr. Chairman, last year I made mention of a donation of Early Childhood Centre to the College by Sabre Trust, a non- governmental charitable organization in UK. Last October the centre was officially inaugurated with 75 kindergarten pupils. The Sabre Trust programme is a package which aims at training teachers to use integrated, thematic approach with child- centered activity based learning as its core. Teachers are also trained in how to use facilitated play and phonics teaching for pupils to acquire reading skills. The programme puts great emphasis on supporting teachers in the classroom and behaviour management. I will say with confidence that this has helped and encouraged teacher trainees to use materials in their environment to prepare teaching and learning materials to promote effective teaching and learning in kindergarten. Sabre Trust, we are grateful to you.”

Mr. James Ayando, Sabre’s Building Better Schools Programme Manager presented the Sabre Award on behalf of Sabre team to the best practicing teacher on the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training programme, congratulations Deborah Sawyer.  It was a great occasion.