Sabre’s transformational teacher training programme in the Eastern Region of Ghana is our largest project to date, reaching every government kindergarten teacher across six districts, that’s over 1,000 teachers! As part of the project’s efforts to improve the kindergarten school system in Ghana, we have provided training to head teachers so that they can sustain quality teaching in their kindergarten classrooms. We do this through training head teachers to deliver in-class coaching.

In-class coaching refers to a head teacher becoming a mentor to their kindergarten teacher so that when the teacher is putting their play-based learning into action, they have wider support in the school to do this successfully. The head teacher is also on hand to help with any challenges they face along the way. In June, we trained 249 head teachers in these vital skills!

Why is head teacher training so important? The answer is sustainability. We actively work to ensure that once our training is finished, the school has everything it needs to implement play-based learning into the future without our support. Providing head teachers with the skills and tools needed to coach and support their kindergarten teachers will mean that good quality teaching practice will continue once this project has ended, helping Ghana to achieve sustainable development goal 4.2, for all girls and boys to have access to quality pre-primary education.