This month saw the Western Region’s Transformational Teacher Training programme Head Teacher Forum held at Sekondi Resource Centre.

The meeting focused on how head teachers can support their teachers in the classroom and how they can help to sustain the program in their various schools.

From the discussion on sustainability, head teachers agreed that;
• They can sustain the program by organising in-service training for incoming teachers and head teachers who did not receive the training
• They will transfer all training documents to new head teachers when transferred.
• They will ensure all materials provided by the training team are stored safely.

It was a really useful meeting, which ended with some of the head teachers reflecting on the success they had witnessed.

Rose Tawiah Duker, Head Teacher at Aboadze Catholic Kindergarten said, “As head teacher, the programme has equipped me to handle the kindergarten children when my teachers are not in school. I can really testify how my teachers are now creative and happy in coming to school because pupils are well behaved. The Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training programme has helped to develop pupils confidence and conversation at school. Parents’ involvement in my school now is great, which is increasing my school population as local parents have been taking their children from private sector schools to my school and that I believe is magical on the programme”