Last week we held a Head Teacher Forum as part of the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training project in the Western Region.

The forum provides a great opportunity for head teachers to reflect on the success and challenges their classrooms have experienced so far this term. Head teachers play an essential role in this project as they support the classroom teachers and can help the teachers to tackle any challenges they are facing in the classroom.

Key challenges discussed included;

  • lack of Pupil Acheiveemnet Record sheets and report cards printed for the classrooms
  • canes still seen in some of  the classrooms
  • new teachers placed into the schools who have not had any training. How will they be coached to catch up on the programme content.
  • the challenge of overage and underage pupils in the classrooms

Key success discussed included;

  • great cooperation and team work among the teachers
  • teachers willingness to learn
  • availability of Veronica bucket in all the schools for hand washing.

The workshop was also a good chance to plan the upcoming teacher exchange visits which are a key part of the project. Teachers will be paired up to visit each other’s classroom. The head teachers were encouraged to support their teachers to use this as a learning opportunity and knowledge exchange.