Last year, Hedia Dickson, a student from Tema International School very kindly donated some education resources to Sabre for use in kindergarten classrooms. Hedia has kept in touch with Sabre and was keen to continue to support our work.

During COVID-19, kindergarten schools closed in Ghana and so we pivoted our work, in partnership with the Ghana Education Service, to develop the Say, Sing, Shine radio programme. This programme brought learning into homes and communities and provided lessons for kindergarten children and support to parents in their new role as home educators.

Kindergarten schools reopened on the 21st January 2021, but the radio programme was so well received that we have continued to produce radio lessons. The lessons are delivered through stories and provide a fun and engaging ways to learn and also offer activities for children to get involved in with support from their parents.

Hedia has been supporting this programme by writing stories to contribute to our bank of stories for use on future radio lessons and has also recorded the stories in English. Hedia’s amazing work forms part of her school project and have been featured in the school’s weekly bulletin. Here are some photos of Hedia recording the stories in English.


When asked about her motivations for supporting our work Hedia had this to say;

“It originally came from reading, I like to read a lot, and I got thinking and I thought, it’s because of school and education that I actually can read and that’s how I’m able to enjoy it. Then I started to think of organisations that are helping people who don’t have easy access to education, so that they can then learn because for all you know someone has a love for reading but just can’t do it. So, I did my research and I found Sabre. I loved the back story of the organisation and after reading about the projects they have done and what they are still doing, I was very happy about what is being done in our country and I wanted to be able to contribute to this and play my part in society. So, I reached out and asked how I could be of help. I like to write as well so that was good and that’s how this whole thing started.”

Click on the picture below to enjoy this short video, to hear Hedia’s brilliant story telling technique. We are sure the kindergarten children who will listen will love learning through her stories so thank you so much Hedia!


Hedia Video Image