Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Sabre. Volunteers play a key role in supporting our work and we’re really grateful to each and every person who has donated their time to Sabre.

Volunteering in the UK

Our fundraising team in the UK office is often on the look-out for extra pairs of hands to support our work on a short-term basis, especially in the lead up to fundraising events. If you would be interested in helping our UK team please email us

Volunteering in Ghana

There are two ways in which you can volunteer. Either as an Individual in a skill specific volunteering role or as part of a Group joining a ‘Ghana Exchange’ trip.

As an Individual
From time to time we recruit individual skill specific volunteers to assist with the Brighter Futures programme. Volunteers bring a wealth of experience and to make sure the role is right for you we carry out informal interviews. We select our volunteers based on the ability of each applicant to carry out the role, the relevance of their qualifications and experience to the Brighter Futures programmes.

volunteer on construction site

We currently have no positions available.

As a Group
Our ‘Ghana Exchange trip is a specifically designed itinerary for groups of 10-15 people who want to combine volunteering with an immersion into Ghanaian culture and the Sabre way of life. Each trip is bespoke and developed between our logistics provider and the group organiser.

A commitment to fundraising is an important aspect of the ‘Ghana Exchange’ trip and we ask each group to raise the equivalent of £1,500 per group member in addition to the cost of the trip. Fundraising with a group means that the adventure and fun starts months before you have even boarded the plane to Ghana.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering in Ghana please email us