The OLA College of Education students who took part in the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training (FTTT) programme last year are now Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) teaching in their own classrooms. Last week the NQTs returned to OLA for their graduation and the FTTT team were delighted to meet with them for a special dinner to celebrate their achievements.

It was a night of excitement for everyone with lots of music and dance competitions and reminiscing about their time at OLA and on the FTTT programme.

This meeting also provided the opportunity for the FTTT team to discuss some of the challenges they may have been facing in their new schools, as well as success stories. Quite often the NQTs face similar challenges, so as a group, solutions and ways forward were reached.

We were delighted to hear that many of the NQTs are already making a positive impact in their new schools and we wish them all lots of luck for the rest of this school year.