We are very excited to announce that construction is underway at TWO NEW sites in the Western Region.

Domunli, in the Nzema East District and New Bakanta, in the Ellembelle District.

These two schools are part of the new Safe Sustainable Kindergarten Complexes being built this year in the Western Region. These schools will become District Model Schools, acting as a hub for best practice education and providing quality education for 80 four and five year olds. The schools also implement our new scalable school design, which includes two classrooms, toilets, kitchen, outside learning areas and biodiversity area.

The construction of the schools at Domunli and New Bakanta as well as Akwidaa has been funded by the TEN Oil & Gas Project Partners.

Here are the key activities that have happened to date at New Bakanta Model Kindergarten School.

  1. Planting is 50% complete and drainage is 70% complete.
  2. Leveling of pathways has begun.
  3. The classroom block has complete foundations and the hardcore build up for the floor slab is now finished.
  4. The classroom columns are being cast.