In 2017 we completed Asebu District Model Kindergarten School in the Central Region. The school includes two classrooms, with a playground, outside teaching spaces, kitchen, storeroom/office and toilets.

The school was soon filled to capacity with more and more families wanting to send their children to Asebu. There was therefore a need for an extension to the school adding two more classrooms.

In January we began Phase 2 of construction for Asebu District Model Kindergarten School.

To date the following activities have taken place:

  • There was some extensive site preparations that had to be completed before building could commence. The chosen site was excavated to remove unsuitable material and soil tests were carried out.
  • The excavated area was infilled to create a suitable base for the classroom foundations.
  • The foundations were dug and the ground beam was cast and cured.
  • The steel reinforcement (rebars) was fixed in place for the concrete columns. Geo plastic formwork was then erected. This is used to create the mould that concrete can be poured into to form the columns.
  • The concrete mixture for the main school structure was tested using a ‘slump test’ to ensure it will make safe and strong columns.
  • Once the columns were cast they were then cured, which requires concrete to be kept at the optimum temperature and moisture content to ensure the concrete achieves the desired properties for its intended use. This process was helped along with cement paper that was made wet and wrapped around the concrete columns to keep them moist.

Watch this space for more updates….