We hope you will join us in congratulating Anna Elliamo on her promotion to Municipal Early Childhood Development Coordinator.

Anna was a teacher at Bronyibima M/A school in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abirem (KEEA) district. Anna joined our Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training project as a practising teacher and was so outstanding that she soon joined the team of Trainers drawn from teachers and Ghana Education Service Officers who deliver teacher training workshops.

Anna said of her promotion,

I’m very pleased to have been recognised and elevated to this position, I appreciate everyone who contributed to my development as an early years educator, my special appreciation goes to Sabre Education who gave me all the knowledge in early years education and gave me the opportunity to be a trainer. I hope we would continue our partnership in KEEA to reach more schools in the district.

We are thrilled that Sabre’s teacher training has helped Anna to achieve such a prestigious position within her district, and shows that our work is not only allowing teachers to provide a high quality education to their students but is also furthering their professional development.