The Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training (FTTT) team in the Central Region recently completed a month long monitoring exercise of the Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs), who received one years training on the FTTT programme last year as student teachers at OLA College of Education.

The purpose of this monitoring was to identify those who have been able to implement the new pedagogy in the classrooms they have been posted to. The monitoring involved structured interviews to identify their challenges and successes as well as the completion of the Teacher Monitoring and Assessment tool for each of the NQTs. This tool allows the team to track the progress of each NQTs implementation of the programme.

In all, 25 NQTs were monitored in six different districts. The exercise was done together with Ghana Education Service officers and Kindergarten Coordinators of those districts.

Whilst some of them were doing exceptionally well, others were also struggling to fully implement the programme as a result of many challenges facing them, including, lack of support from the head teachers, lack of furniture and poor classroom infrastructure. These visits allowed the FTTT team and Ghana Education Service officers to work with the NQTs to try and find solutions to some of these challenges.

It was excellent to see that some of them were implementing many aspects of the programme regardless of the challenges faced and we are confident that as a result of the visits the NQTs will receive more support from their head teacher’s and district Ghana Education Service officers.

Here are some images of the work happening in the NQTs classrooms. We love the great Chief’s Palace Centre, the children really enjoy dressing up and role playing!