This term, as part of our Transformational Teacher Training in the Central Region, we are continuing to attend all of the kindergarten specific Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings happening at each schools. It is an excellent opportunity for us to gather parents thoughts on the programme and the effect it is having on their children’s education. In order to collect more significant data from the parents, we piloted a community scorecard approach at Brenu Akyinim PTA meeting. The process worked by first identifying a number of criteria that parents feel are important for quality kindergarten education. Parents then voted ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether they are satisfied with these in the kindergarten.

The results were highly positive with the parents being most satisfied with the quality of the teachers, pupil performance and the teaching and learning materials available in the classroom. We are looking forward to using this during future PTA meetings as we have seen it can provide us with valuable qualitative data from the communities we work in.