At Sabre Education, we have a saying, ‘I am a learner, you are a learner, we are all learners’. Never has this saying been more poignant while we witness atrocious social inequality for black people and those from minority backgrounds. Learning will contribute to the steps we must take to abolish the roots of inequity and a world with boundaries for some and not others. We must learn and remember how current prejudices have been perpetuated from past actions, learn how we can make a small contribution to breaking down stereotypes and learn to respect and accept each other’s differences.

We stand in solidarity with everyone in the world who lives and experiences acts of racism. As recent events have shown, racism remains a complex issue in adulthood but we believe stereotyping and prejudices can begin to be tackled in kindergarten, promoting equality through the skills children learn and the activities in which they partake.

Multiple studies have shown that young children take note of racial and gender differences as early as kindergarten. We have the opportunity to create safe places for children to explore this topic using the theme ‘All About Me’ which allows the kindergarten children to identify the similarities and differences between themselves.

Our work affords us the privilege to influence those children who are just beginning their learning journey. We work with teachers, Ghana education officials and parents to provide resources and guidance to begin to tackle the complex issue of gender and race with young children, who we hope will be able to grow up and break the continual cycles of social injustice present today.

We are all shaped by our own experiences of race and racism and hold different views and so we are challenging ourselves to have difficult conversation internally so that we can share and learn from each other. The extent of suffering and trauma caused by lifetimes of injustice is so overwhelming that it is unclear how it can ever be adequately healed; however, we can make a start on this journey and only hope our small contribution brings a sense of hope.

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