Our site team have been working hard, and as you will see from the photographs the school is almost complete. We are really looking forward to seeing the school open in the next few weeks and seeing the children and teachers enjoying their new facilities.

The main activities that have been finished since the last update are as follows:

  • Hardwood cladding on the main school building, which includes two classrooms and the office/storeroom. The interior shelving has been fitted.
  • The toilet frame and cladding has been completed
  • The lower block work walls and concrete columns have been painted
  • The rainwater harvesting system that will collect water for washing, cooking and drinking is in place.
  • The kitchen is almost finished
  • Compound planting has started

The following outstanding jobs remain:

  • Toilets doors and varnishing
  • Kitchen shelving, door and varnishing
  • Outside teaching areas need to be complete
  • There is a small amount left to do on the pathways and then it will just be site clean up.