After the traditional sod cutting ceremony, which blesses the ground, work on site could begin. The team, with support from an Arup engineer carried out extensive soil investigation to ensure the ground conditions were suitable to be able to support the school building.

The site at Asebu in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese (AAK) district, will have a two classroom kindergarten school. The school will also include a kitchen,  storeroom and office, age and gender appropriate toilets, outside teaching areas, a playground and rainwater harvesting system providing safe water for cooking, washing and drinking.

Our Interim Country Director, Jon Beaulieu recently visited the site to see how things were progressing. The Asebu construction team led by our Construction Programme Manager James Ayando has been busy getting the site ready for building work to start. A key job to complete at the outset is to erect a fence around the site for security and also safety for the local community and adjacent school children. The team have also built a site storeroom and carpenters shed. As you will see in the photographs below both classrooms and the storeroom/office have been started with the following key activities:

  • Blindings poured
  • Wooden formwork in place
  • Foundation beam concrete poured and steel rebars in place
  • Fitting the plastic formwork for the columns
  • Some of the columns have been completed.