Our current Transformational Teacher Training programme delivers intensive training to schools in the vicinity of the Colleges of Education, as these schools also provide practical placements for student teachers at the colleges. In order to widen our impact, in August this year we will begin piloting a one year In-service Teacher Training programme adapted from our existing programme in the four newly built District Model Kindergarten schools in the Western Region. Through this In-service programme our approach will benefit classrooms in districts beyond the geographical reach of the Colleges of Education.

The training will reach teachers in 40 classrooms in the Ahanta West District in the Western Region. Last week our Teacher Training team began preparing for the start of the pilot in August. The team carried out a four day school screening exercise, which is used to help select schools that meet the minimum requirements to be part of the programme.

Some of the key requirements that the team, together with Ghana Education Service officers looked out for included separate classrooms for KG1 and KG2, adequate classroom size, a shaded outside area specifically for kindergarten pupils, kindergarten appropriate furniture and secure classrooms, as well as headteacher and teacher commitment.

Several of the classrooms the team screened had little or no printed resources and most of the teachers were not trained in early childhood education at all.

We cannot wait to see the transformation these classrooms will be experiencing in the next academic year when they begin the In-service Teacher Training programme.