image: Team-Robert-Quansah-New
Robert Quansah
ECE Technical Manager (Partnerships)

I previously worked for One Acre Fund, a microfinance NGO into agriculture, as Office Manager and Subsequently Field Manager for about three years.

I joined Sabre in January 2014 this year as a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer. I enjoy working at Sabre because I feel excited to be part of a team causing a great change. I also love that I am working for an organisation that is operating in my field of study;  I am a part time Education student at the University of Cape Coast.
Since then I have progressed at Sabre and am now a Technical Lead with the Teacher Training Team.

Favourite Ghanaian dish?

My favourite meal is fufu with groundnut soup. I don’t feel comfortable if I stay a whole week without fufu!  The Teacher Training team already know how much I love fufu, so much so that I’ve introduced them to my fufu chop bar so they can enjoy it with me