Aubrey Malcolm-Green
Chair of Directors
Sabre Ghana

My childhood in Kenya was a great influence on my life and I returned to travel in Africa during my teo gap years. Currently I am in the fortunate position of being able to live my dream. The organisation I started, Ghana2000, with Dominic Bond has evolved into what is now the Sabre Trust. Sabre has grown and grown and from it other organisations are bearing fruit. These organisations all have the same focus, to enable the Charity to continue to grow and “punch above its weight”.

Education is at the heart of everything we do, we are always learning and must never feel we are too old to do so! I believe passionately that everybody should have an opportunity to learn, experience and develop in the way that is best for them and I work hard to create those opportunities.

Favourite Ghanaian dish?

Npoto poto

Funniest Sabre moment?

Listening to people trying to communicate and never quite getting there

Three words to describe Sabre?

Fun, innovative & collaborative

Best Sabre experience?

Every time I visit communities and listen to people talk about education.

Most memorable Sabre moment?

Driving with volunteers, resources and our life’s belongings to Ghana in 2008 to set up Sabre’s permanent base in Elmina.